Publish your magazine with flipboard

Flipboard is one app which everyone would love to have in their iOS and Android mobile.This app allows you to put all your blogs, news content together in the form of a magazine.So once all your content are stitched together by flipboard,then you have to just flip the pages to see the content and the experience is just amazing.And your magazine similar to what you see below.

Good-Hair-Good-Face     The-Garage

More content can be added by just tapping the new “+” button and can keep your magazine access public or private for others. With all the features similar to that of facebook, you get notifications for comments and can share the magazine on facebook, google plus and twitter.An interesting way to read the online content.Ahh!! loved the old habits to read the stuff.Am I getting nostalgic??

Get your filpboard for iOS and Android

Source :- Flipboard