Internet slows down after biggest DDoS attack in history

The Internet has become the battle ground for the biggest DDoS attack of the history affecting users of Europe and North America.The fight between Spamhaus and Cyberbunker is generating traffic of 300Gbps making it the biggest cyber-attack.The attack has currently affected services like Netflix and may affect the banking system,if the attacks continue.

Spamhaus is a non-profit organization that aims to help email providers filter out spam and other unwanted content.Cyberbunker is a Dutch web-host company which hosts everything except porn and terrorism related material.Spamhaus blocked the servers of Cyberbunker, which is used by abusers copyright abusers, spammers, malware etc. This angered Cyberbunker and so they launched an attack week ago,which knocked many users off the internet but was not able to shut down the Spamhaus website .

Severity of attack

The same attack would have made any major corporation off-line instantly.The last biggest attack was generating traffic of 100Gbps

Investigation is being carried out by the cyber-police of 5 nationals .The attack is still on so if you are experiencing slow connection then you know who the culprit is. You just have to swear the words and refresh the page few times to get to the site of your choice.It Worked for me!!

Source:- BBC