Pirate TV and movie streaming sites shuts down

Hundreds of movie and streaming sites were shut down following pressure from Hollywood groups.Most of the websites uses TVStreamscript ,which allows site owners to set up their own stream index in no time.But the shut down of the TVStreamscript has made many websites unusable.

vsuperstream.com, Infinityshows.com, Cinesheet.com, Streamflix.org, Whatchon.me, Seriesvk.com, Yeahstream.com, Canaltv.ru, Tvshows2k.com, Watchtvstream.com, Online24tv.com, Movifan.net and Tvdrot.com/ are just a few examples of the sites that are affected, but there are many more.

So if your TV or movie streaming website is showing 404 error,then you know what really happened with your favorite website.

Source: Torrent freak