iOS developers targeted with DDoS attack using iMessage

The new victim of DDoS is an interesting app which is used by many Apple users and for some its the default messaging app. Because it allows unlimited messaging with no time gap between a message. But the same feature has now become a problem for the developers. Some iOS developers using iMessage are getting spammed with flood of messages. Once your iMessage ID is out there, you’re unable to stop people from using it.


The spam is using Applescript to automate sending multiple messages from the app sending multiple messages. And since the latest version of iOS unifies your phone number and emails, there’s a strong possibility that if a person can get your email, they can spam you with this annoying or disruptive technique.Stopping the spam is not possible entirely but turning off the iMessage is the only option to stop the message box from getting filled with spam messages.

The hackers and many are aware of the spam the app to crash since long time. Apple ignored the exploit but the attack on the developers should make Apple to act to patch the problem.So that the same should not happen in the future.

Source TheNextWeb