New Facebook phone to be announced with HTC

Facebook is getting more posts and likes from mobile than any other platform.So to tap the mobile market by integrating all its services around mobile, facebook is planning to launch facebook mobile with HTC. The new mobile will be Android OS based and the facebook will be tightly putting the device based services to use the device for facebook ,to the limits. This will give them better control on the content and the ads which is the revenue generator for the social network.

The mobile will put facebook on the home screen with a button access.All the user content on the phone may come under the ownership of facebook content leading to privacy issues. This is something facebook has to clarify before or during the launch of the phone. Otherwise the phone is something many facebook fans would be dying to get hands on to get better facebook experience. And with the HTC being the manufacturer, the mobile definitely will become the eye catcher.

Source New York Times