Saudi Arabia twitters user may lose anonymity

Saudi government is planning to limit the on-line service access to only registered users.The services include twitter and Skype but priority is given to twitter filtering as it allows users to share their ideas without any restrictions .

“A source at (the regulator) described the move as a natural result of the successful implementation of (its) decision to add a user’s identification numbers while topping up mobile phone credit,” Arab News reported.This could lead to possible country monitoring the users.The monitoring of users has some major support from the Cleric of the Saudi Arabia who dubbed the twitter users as clowns.

Even the security general supported the online monitoring and said  “There are people who misuse the social networking and try to send false information and false evaluation of the situation in the kingdom and the way the policemen in the kingdom are dealing with these situations,”

Are they afraid of the social revolution people may start using twitter ,which toppled the governments and the rulers from the middle east?

Source Reuters