Internet Explorer leads the browsers chart

Though many hate Internet Explorer and many swear to use it only for downloading another browser.But the report released by Netmarketshare shows some swirling figures.

Internet explorer 8 tops the list with 23.23% followed by Internet explorer 9 which holds 20.62% of the total market share.Google Chrome and Firefox are behind the Internet explorer though they regularly update their browsers with latest technology and security updates.Mozilla and Chrome are far behind with 13.55%  and 13.42% market share.

If this doesn’t takes you off the chair then read this,Internet Explorer 6 is still used by many and is holding the same market share equivalent to its version no, i.e 6.21 %.

The newly launched IE 10 has just 2.93% of acceptance in the internet community.Planning to switch the browser?

Source NetMarketShare