30000 visa cards leaked by Dr FreeDom

A major data leak has taken place from an unknown source and the result will be disastrous to many who are the victims of the leak. 30000 visa card consumer details were leaked on the internet making it the biggest card information leak known. Done by a hacker named Dr FreeDom, has leaked the every possible information of the visa card users needed to sign up for the card.

The source from where the data was leaked is still unknown but considering the number of card information leaked, the data seem to   have been leaked from online shopping sites. Because these websites keep the record of the cards in such a big number .But the leak from the financial institution can’t be undermined. If the leak from any of the 2 options comes true then it would be a break situation for the attacked company.

I am not posting the link of the leaked data but believe me when I tell you that your data and credit card details can be used to set you back by thousands of dollars.

I request you to keep an eye on online transactions taking place under your name. If found suspicious, report to banks and the authorities about the same. If you still think I am making this, read this snippet :-

  1. Full Name : Jacqueline Y. Leslie
  2. Date of Birth : Dec/22/1947
  3. Mother’s Maiden Name : Peets

More of such info is on the internet but email address is not listed making tough to contact the affected card holders. Please share the info fellas.

PS: – I have come across some email addresses of the card holders .But I am not sure if contacting them would be right. What you think?