[Update]Hackers attack Israel govt. websites, data leaked

The hackers are hitting the Israel websites right ,left and center. Though Israel hackers are enjoying the defacement of opisrael website but their counter attack is proving ineffective against the anonymous.

Kosova Hacker’s Security

Hackers named Kosovo hackers hacked into database of govt. health website and leaked the list of account holders.The hackers hacked into http://www.health.gov.il/ and leaked the data of the registered users. The list of the leaked data is pasted on pastebin.com

X-BLACKERZ hacked 53 sites:-

A hacker named X-BLACKERZ claimed to have hacked into 53 Israeli websites. The list of the hacked websites is pasted on pastebin.com.None of the websites are reachable nor are able to load after trying for several times indicating that websites went down after the attack.

OpIsrael leakorz

Leakorz hacked into http://www.moital.gov.il and leaked the database and posted it on pastebin.com. The leaked data includes the names of admins and the encrypted password .Decrypting passwords are tough but the past taught us that nothing is impossible for the hackers. So you may soon get a post with the decrypted passwords.