New malware for phishing Facebook user information found

Facebook phishing malware

Facebook being the no. 1 social networking site makes it the most luring target for the cyber criminals. A new malware was detected which lures the Facebook users to login with their credit card details to gain access to the Facebook page.


User from malware infected website is redirected to and to the same computer. So if you are typing any of the two websites,then you will be redirected to your computer.The malware makes sure that you are redirected to the fake website and not the real one.

The fake website asks you to authenticate your account by asking you to login with your credit card details. Once done, you are redirected to the real Facebook page. Sending your credit card details to the cyber criminals.


Keep an eye on the website and never ever give your credentials on any website.And if you have become the victim of such then contact bank authority ASAP.

Source TrendMicro