Skype targeted by malware for bitcoining

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If you come across such link on your Skype ,then just stay away from such links.This is the new tactic used by cyber criminals to infect your computers.But the question is ,why do they want to do that? The answer is simple, they want to use your computer for bitcoin processing.

The Bitcoin are digital currency and so used for digital transactions. They can be obtained freely by using powerful computers and decrypting the code which is a lengthy procedure and requires lot of computation power. So, cyber-criminals used the malware to infect other computers so they can use the infected computers for Bitcoin Mining ,thus earning lot of Bitcoins in short span.

The most infected countries are China, Italy, Bulgaria and Taiwan.


The malware is downloaded from India and is supported from the servers of Germany.Many pieces of malware are downloaded from and the computer becomes a Bitcoin generator. More than 2000 clicks are generated every hour by the infected computer.


Skype malware click generation


The computer performance slows down drastically and the specific CPU process uses maximum i.e 99%.

high process usage

What to do

As always stay away from such links and scan your computer after updating the antivirus software. And inform the same to your friends to keep them safe from such malware.

Source Kaspersky