Office for Mac and Windows 7 RTM support ends on April 9,2013

Microsoft announced the end of support for 2 softwares ending 9th April 2013.So if you are using Office for Mac and Windows 7 RTM, then read on.

Office for Mac

Microsoft has announced the end of the support for Office for Mac 2008 on 9th April, 2013.So Microsoft won’t be supporting the software after 9th April but users can download the updates till 19th April 2014.

Though an option to migrate to Office 2011 is right option as Microsoft has moved to Office 2011 and comes with Office 365  Home Premium subscriptions .Thus, allowing any one of the 5 installations to be designated for Office  365  Home Premium subscriptions, once signed for the service.

Windows 7 RTM

Microsoft has declared to end the support for Windows 7 RTM on 9th April, 2013. So there won’t be any updates for RTM after the deadline. So for those who have not downloaded the service packs, be fast to update the OS before 9th April.

Microsoft thus will just be providing regular updates for the main Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and the updates will continue till 13th January , 2015 and till 14th January, 2020 for extended support.

Source Microsoft ,Office for Mac