Israel govt websites down,websites defaced and Officials email addresses made public

Hackers are enjoying the game of hit ,steal and shut the website with the security of Israel cyber space.And they are enjoying it really hard and giving hard time to the Israel. Some new websites are getting hacked and other, if not hacked are in the line of  getting hacked.

More than 100 non govt websites were hacked at the time of posting the current posts with new websites are getting down every minute from Israel.

Morrocan Agent Secret,Morrocan Ghost,Algerian Core posted the list of defaced websites and the email addresses of the Israeli officials on pastebin.

More than 70 govt went down yesterday after the start of the attack under the name of OpIsrael. Some of the websites are up and running but are taking lot of time to load while the rest are down. With the new leak has been announced just a minute ago,I wonder what Israel is hiding in the Pandora Box.