File sharers won’t be prosecuted: Russia


russia wont prosecute file sharers

Every country like Russia is facing the problem of piracy. And they are following the path, never trod by the government else where. The Russian Government does not see file sharers responsible for the piracy and so file sharer won’t be prosecuted. Its a good news for file sharers, as they are always targeted for pirating the content . They also go under prosecution and also has to pay heavy fines.

“We do not plan to hold Internet users liable for downloading as they do in the U.S., where owners of computers can end up in court,” Grigoryev said. Indicating that they won’t be following the path of the US government.

Instead the government will be  targeting the websites hosting the pirated content.  “Responsibility will be placed on the owners of pirate websites,”Grigoryev said. The websites will be taken down if they don’t follow the orders. This could put an end to the MPAA  which is always behind the file sharers for pirating the content.

Source Torrent Freak