Hard Drive stolen from VUDU office

hard drive was stolen from vudu office The customer data of VUDU was stolen , not by  hacking but by breaking into the office of VUDU. The thieves broke into the office of VUDU and stole the hard drives containing the users’ information. A post was posted on the VUDU blog about the theft which said that no credit card information was stolen. The following statement was posted on the blog on the theft issue

On March 24, 2013, there was a break in at the VUDU office and a number of items were stolen, including hard drives. These hard drives contained customer data including names, email addresses, mailing addresses, account activity, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords, but NO full credit card numbers.

The statement further points that VUDU will be informing the users by an email about the theft as the statement further states that

We are proactively retiring and resetting all passwords and notifying all customers. As another level of protection for customers we are also providing AllClear ID identity protection services. We reported the theft to law enforcement immediately, and are cooperating fully with their investigation.

VUDU provides movie streaming services on various platforms like Xbox and Playstation.

Source VUDU