Samsung Office searched after OLED technology theft report

samsung office searched from technology theft report

The technology theft is not and has been happening since long time. Companies are always snooping  to get the latest trade secrets from rival companies. And this has lead to Police searching  the offices of Samsung after the reports of technology theft of OLED TV.

Samsung office was searched for the documents related to  the OLED technology theft report by LG. The Police is investigating  the involvement of Samsung on a  recent report filed by LG which states that their OLED technology was leaked . Both the companies are under criminal probe after LG employees were charged for stealing technology from Samsung.

Samsung has said,

We have no reason to steal other companies’ technology, as we have the world’s best OLED technology.

And LG has blamed the investigators for the searching of Samsung because as per LG ,

The latest investigation is related to large-sized OLED TV panel technology, but the police have made the allegation themselves.

Samsung was ahead in the race of OLED but LG went ahead with the launch of OLED TV sets in South Korea and are planning to launch the same in North America by first quarter. Whereas Samsung has not announced their OLED TV launch in the USA.

Source Bloomberg