ka.tt returns to kat.ph due to technical issues

kick ass torrent logoEarly morning browsing of kat.ph took me by surprise.Instead of redirecting the browser to ka.tt ,the browser remained stuck on kat.ph.Few days ago, Kick Ass Torrent site moved from kat.ph to ka.tt to avoid blocking .But they have returned  to their old domain i.e kat.ph.The post on the blog said,

We had to roll back to the kat.ph domain due to technical issues.

The new move may act against kat.ph as they are blocked in UK and may lose considerable number of followers from the country.They have not revealed more about moving back to old domain. The move could be temporary before going for some better domain option.So don’t be surprised,if kat.ph takes your browser to some other domain in near future.

Source KAT