Apple to sign agreement with Universal Music for streaming music on iRadio

The rumors of Apple entering into the music streaming are going on for a long time. Apple  was silent on the service but if the recent report is to be believed then iRadio is the real thing from Apple staple. The Verge has reported citing various sources about an agreement to be signed between Apple and Universal Music very soon.

apple signing agreement with universal music for iradio music streaming

Apple is also in talks with Warner music and Sony label and they are next to sign agreements with Apple for streaming the music on Apple iRadio service. Apple is paying the same royalty as Pandora to stream the music .Once launched,iRadio will compete with Pandora which has 200 million users .

Apples loyal followers were always a game changer and has helped Apple to stay ahead in the competition. And this means, Pandora may lose a significant number of users, once the iRadio is launched. Pandora may have to get innovative to keep the users with the service.

Apple integrating iRadio in iTunes will also increase the music sales .And will also give a broader user base for Apple which has  less following in other markets like Asia compared to US and Europe.

What’s for the users?

Better options. Who doesn’t want the best user experience , the competition always keeps the user in mind to get ahead. And Apple always brings something to awe about, be it devices or services.

Source The Verge