Twitter to launch music app on friday


Twitter has been always the choice of music aficionados to share the new music and, Artists to connect with the fans.This might have led to the acquisition of We Are Hunted,a company that developed software to scan the internet to identify the new music.The acquisition started a rumor of twitter planning to launch a music app.

The app would be a music streaming app based on the technology and would offer personalized music recommendations and stream music through SoundCloud.

TechCrunch posted the pic of Ryan Seacrest twitter account which confirms the existence of such service .

The new site , was spotted which shows the launching of trending music service and the app around the service by  twitter.

AllThingsD reported that the new service will be going live tomorrow. The service will make music recommendation on the metadata and twitter feed.The service will also work with other services like iTunes,Soundcloud and Vevo.

Source TheVerge,AllThingsD,TechCrunch,Wikipedia