Libre Office 3.6 updated to 3.6.6 with many new features

Libre Office 3.6 updated to 3.6.6

Libre Office is getting wide acceptance from the Linux community and has become an alternative on many computers including mine for Microsoft Office. The suite is default office suite for many Linux platforms like Debian, Fedora,OpenSuSe and Ubuntu and maintained by contributors for BSD variants. The new release for Windows,Linux and MacOS has been recommended for home and corporate users by LibreOffice.

The update provides a more stable environment for those using 3.6 and adds many new features and patches the bugs of the previous versions.The update fixes about 50 bugs affecting the previous release.

The some of the update list includes

  • Added Lanczos algorithm for resizing of images.
  • Substantially improved simple .doc/.docx import
  • Large document scrolling/re-layout/interactive editing improvements.

Release notes enlists the updated list  and can be downloaded from LibreOffice by changing the version.

Source LibreOffice Blog