Argentinian hackers take down websites,delete servers and leaks data


Team hacking Argentina took down 104 websites from Argentina. This was done as a part of  OpF**KGOBIERNO (govt). The list of the hacked websites can be found on Pastebin. Another hacker named BugMind took down about 10 websites and infiltrated 65 servers from San Juan.The hacker also deleted the servers of the following websites.

Every website above is showing

HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.

error message.


The database of was leaked and posted on Pastebin.The data of were also leaked online.The leaked database contains the username,password and email address of the system administrator,Rehabilitation,Seba and Director.The database was posted on Pastebin.

The hackers are protesting against the bill to reform the judiciary system. They are also waiting for  the verdict of the corruption trial of Hydroelectric dam construction. The hackers acting against its own govt shows that they want govt to work for the people and not against the people.

Source HackerArgentino