Fake Vertu Android app targets Korean and Japanese users

Fake Vertu Android app in circulation

Vertu is a mobile phone to be envious of because of the limited edition tag and connosieur services, the phone owner is catered to.So many would love to customize their phone to get close to Vertu, after all every phone is special to the owner.

But this may infect your phone if you are not downloading the Vertu themes from trusted website.The new malware has been detected by McAfee which is in circulation masquerading behind the Vertu theme.

After installing the theme,loading screen comes up while the malware registers the phone in the background with external servers. The malware installs a filter handling message first by trojan and forwarded to the registered external server with a service unavailable message is displayed on the screen.

The malware though weak in action was able to infect 50,000-60,000 mobile phone in Japan and Korea.

Source McAfee