Major websites like Qatarday,Qatar Airways and Qatar govt defaced,database leaked

The launch of OpQatar went heavy on the Qatar Govt. Hackers tweeted about hacking into Qatar Airways and DDoS ing Qatar Stock Exchange.The screen shots of the Qatar Airways and Qatar Govt does prove that websites were attacked but the sites went online within few hours.

qatar govt

qatar airways







But some websites weren’t lucky enough to handle the attack. Many websites like QatarDay was defaced and the administrator of the system administrator along with the database structure was posted on pastebin. The website bawabaqatar has to lose the client database which includes fax, address, name,website , email and tel no and was posted on PasteBin.

The college website was targeted by the hacktivists .The website seemed to be damaged because the About page is not showing  the information and the Career page stays on the same screen. The teacher database of the website was leaked which included teacher’s name, username, password, telephone no and email address. The leaked database was  posted on PasteBin.

The attack shows that hackers are trying to attack every major website till the Qatar Government doesn’t listen to Anonymous demands.

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