Microsoft to launch Office for Linux in 2014

Microsoft to launch Office for Linux in 2014There was news of Microsoft planning to launch Office on Linux but many reported it to be just a rumor. Well the  rumor will get real in 2014 ,if the Extreme Techs source is to be believed. As per the source of Extreme Tech,Microsoft has done major porting of the Office application.And they are planning to launch the Office on Linux in 2014.Microsoft is launching Office for Android so launching the Office for Linux is just as extension of the work done for Android.

The launch of Office is a big change in Microsoft’s view about Linux and Open Source.They have never released a Microsoft Software for Linux because they never looked Linux as a profitable platform for its software.The new launch  represents a change in heart at  Microsoft about Linux.

The launch will increase the acceptance of  Linux among those who avoid Linux due to the absence of professional softwares available elsewhere.Who Knows?.We might see some major software launches on Linux in the near future.

Source Extreme Tech