#OpQatar began,Qatari websites hacked and database leaked


After #OpIsrael,Anonymous declared a cyber war against the Qatar which started yesterday. Anonymous in the posted video said,

Because of the numerous attacks and interventions made by the Qatari government that we consider accomplice united states and Israel, we will try to attack as soon as possible the Qatari government sites, which will be the first alert that little sis kingdom in a remote corner of the world and constantly chooses to destabilize security in different parts of the Arab world.

Many websites were taken down by the hackers including http://minbaraljazeera.com/ and the database was leaked on pastebin.The leaked database contains the email addresses and the emails sent by saydsayd36.

Another website alfardan.com was hacked and the database of this site was posted on PasteBin.Going by the name of Kardamine , hacker leaked the database which includes the detail of system administrators username and password. The website is still down.

Some other websites which were targeted by the hackers are

The above websites were attacked 17 hours ago and most of them are up and running.This does show that most of the websites were ready beforehand for such attacks. While, most underestimated the hactivists thus loosing important data while some sites went offline with no chance to recover soon.

Keep an eye on the posts for the updates

Source Tuniscope,PasteBin