Fastest ISP Home internet service launched in Japan

Internet speed was always the topic to be brag about and also to be jealous of in the tech world. Every time some company announce the high speed service, the social network sites are bombarded with the images and the reactions from the users and those which can only dream of high speed internet service.

And this time,tech world will envy the techiest country in the world,Japan.The reason is the internet speed but how fast can the speed be for the home users?. Well the answer is staggering 2gbps with 1Gb upload speed.

Based on GPON or or Gigabit-capable Passive Optics Networks, the service was offered by Sony backed Son-net Entertainment.The service was launched on Monday in and around 6 prefectures of Tokyo.It costs $51 per month with 2 year contract and installation fees of $533 .But the fees won’t be charged if the users register online for the service.

25% Japan homes are online connected which is 2nd and is topped by UAE which has 70% connectivity. The launch of the service has shown that companies are ready to offer high speed internet connection to the home users. It wouldn’t be a surprise, if any other  company launches the similar service in the near future.