OpVerdadElectoral began,Venezuela Govt websites hacked,defaced

OpF**KGOBIERNO was still on and the hackers were still at war with the government. The websites were getting defaced, database leaked  and taken down by the hackers.The reason for the hack was the bill to reform the judicial system of the country.

The hacker by the name of  @Anon_0x03 under the  operation hacked into Technological Research Institute,INZIT. The hacker also leaked the data of the website including the credential of system administrators with the researchers username, password, name,  et al.The leak shows that institute maintains 4 databases named DIN MOMENTUM MAESTA and Hundred.

The operation took a turn after the allegations of fraud against ruling party was tweeted and the post went viral with RT.COM reporting the incident.This changed the operation OpF**GOBIERNO to OpVerdadElectoral. Hacktivists started hacking into government websites and defacing it.

Some of the hacked and defaced websites are


hacked website

( the website is showing warning message at the top but the link posted is down)

The error message is similar to the websites which were hacked under OpF**KGOBIERNO


columbian hackers

This website was hacked and defaced by Columbian hackers.

http://intranet.inder.gob.ve/index.php and http://recibopago.inder.gob.ve/ were hacked by the Brazilian hackers which defaced the website with the banner of Brazil Hack Team.

brazilian hackers

The websites were down at the time of writing.The hackers are not tweeting anymore.Is this the silence before the happening of something big.Can’t say for now but one thing is sure , hackers are trying to get govt attention so that govt should listen to the people.And they are trying it real hard.