2.4 million credit and debit card used at Schnucks supermarket stolen

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The credit card and debit cards used at the supermarket were stolen by the cyber criminals. The press release by the supermarket has said that the credit card and debit cards used in the 79 out of the 100 stores have been compromised.  Information of 2.4 million credit and debit cards  used  between December 2012 and March 29, 2013 in the stores were compromised. Thus, making it the 6th biggest credit card heist till date followed by Citibank/UPS heist which affected 3.9 million customers.

The company has also said that only the credit card number and the expiration were accessed and  not the cardholder’s name, address or any other identifying information. How the cyber criminals managed to access and steal the customer’s credit card information is yet unknown. The press release also warned the customers to beware of scammers and to avoid giving any personal details to anyone on phone or email.

Schnucks further said

Over the years, technology has helped us deliver superior customer service, but it also introduces risks that we have actively worked to manage through compliance audits, encryption technology and various other security measures.

FBI and secret service have launched an investigation to nab the criminals.

Source Schnucks