90% Pirated content hides malware :AVG

avg malware detected


Most of the users download the cracked games an the add-ons from the torrent site.Because its free and the original game may cost around $50 with the upgrades the price may go up to $100. The research puts the figure to $127, gamers spend on software every year.

AVG did a research by downloading the games from FileCrop and FilesTube. And they found that 90% of the pirated games and crack contains malware.Now multiplying that with the number of downloads and the figure balloons into the thousands. So right now more than 330,000 computers are at risk.

The malware can steal your data, send  your information to the servers of the developer who hid the malware in the code. Resulting in losing  personal data. Users may also lose your gaming account because cyber criminals make lots of money by selling gaming accounts and the resources purchased by the user for the game.

To keep the accounts safe, change the password of the accounts regularlyAnd run a full scan of  the PC after updating the antivirus software.

To avoid future mishaps:

  • DO NOT download cracks, hacks, trainers or unofficial patches.
  •  DO download patches only from the official game provider’s  website.
  •  DO vary your login details.
  • Use different usernames and passwords for every game account, even for game forums.

Source AVG