English teacher among 371 accused of illegally downloading Steven Seagal movies


english teacher accused of illegally downloading movie

Emily Orlando,an English teacher  is one of 371 Oregon citizens accused of illegally downloading Steven Seagal movies.She was not aware of any illegal download until she received a from lawyer accusing her of illegally downloading the movie.She was given two weeks to pay $7,500, the lawyer forVoltage Pictures threatened, or she could face a judgment of as much as $150,000.

Emily said that she order movies through Blockbuster or watches it on Dish Network .And has never streamed a movie  or seen Maximum Conviction or heard of BitTorrent before the letter.

She uses Reliance Connect , a company that provides dynamic IP addresses so the end user can’t be tracked as the company assigns the IP address at the time  of customer logging in. So accused is angry because the company gave the information when subpoenaed by Crowell.

Kelly Rupp , representing the people of Orlando said

This movie is worth $12.99 on Amazon. But these cases don’t seek that. If all 371 ‘John Does’ on this lawsuit ultimately pay $3,000 or $2,000, they’re shaking down Oregon residents for more than a million dollars.

She is planning to go for a settlement rather than going to court as the cost would only put more financial pressure on the defendants.

Source OrgeonLive