Google glass specs revealed

Google Glass specs revealed

A lot of buzz is going on about the Google Glass in the social media .Many tried their luck to get hands on it but alas few selected got the honour to wear it. Never mind ,if you couldn’t get the touch of Glass .Now you can know ,how the Glass will look  and what has made the Google Glass so special. If you are one of those , then read on.

Google has finally revealed the specifications of Google glass. Google Glass will come with 25 inch high definition screen but the user interface guide has marked the target of 640 x 360 pixel resolution.

google glass

The camera can snap photos with 5 megapixel and can record videos at 720p.The audio can be listened with Bone Conduction Transducer fitted into Glass so no need to use ear piece.

The Glass looks small but has lots of features. It supports Bluetooth, WiFi 802.11 b/g, 12gb stored memory synced with Google drive and 16 GB flash memory. It also supports micro USB charger and battery life of 1 day.

My Glass, an application designed for Google Glass adds SMS and GPS support to the Glass.So you can chat with friends and hangout by connecting your Phone(4.0.3 or more) with the Glass.

Source Google,Google Dev