[Update]cellshield.ca hacked, credit card and user credentials leaked

cell shield hacked

CELLSHIELD.CA, a cellular protection company was hacked by the hacker  and leaked important customer data. A hacker named #Pr3-H4ck3r hacked into the website  by exploiting the SQL vulnerability using SQL injection. The hacker leaked the credit card information on the internet contains Card Type , Card Number , Expiry Month and Expiry Year. The data list the credit card information of 176 customers.

#Pr3-H4ck3r along with lumos_users leaked the user data of 2000 cellshield.ca customers. The leaked data is odd in a sense because the data list password, email address and, the  IP address of the company storing  the data of the customers. The data contain the usernames in encrypted format which is something to rejoice about at least till someone doesn’t crack it.


A hacker named GrenXPaRTa hacked into the website, cellshield.ca and stole the credit card information.The website was exploited the same way as was done by a hacker named #Pr3-H4ck3r, using SQL injection. The stolen information on credit cards has been leaked online which has the  info of  12 more customers taking the number of the leaked credit cards from 176 to 188.