usernames and passwords of British Train Service and Civil Aviation Authority users leaked

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After hacking into UK tax website and visitengland website,hacker named GameOver targeted British Train Service and Civil Aviation Authority website.Hacker leaked the usernames and passwords of British Train and Civil Aviation Authority and posted the data on the internet.

British Train Service website hacked, 1000 username and passwords leaked

The hacker hacking into a website is one thing but giving an open arm welcome is the other. Something similar happened with the website of British Train Service.The hacker named GameOver hacked into the British Train website and found that the passwords of the usernames were not encrypted.

But they were stored in a simple plain text like in ledger book. The website was not providing even basic security to the users data showing negligence in handling the user data.The hacker dint had to do much as the data was available in plain text. The hacker posted the leaked data of 1,000 clear, the plaintext username and password on the internet.

Civil Aviation Authority website hacked and user information leaked

The hacker also hacked into the Civil Aviation Authority and leaked  the  data of 20,000 users and passwords from the website. The data posted on online is categorized into email, password and salt, a cryptographic technique used to give additional protection to the hashed password.

The way hacker was able to hack into some of the important websites of UK shows the unpreparedness of the companies and the UK Govt for the cyber attack. Its a high time for UK to strengthen its cyber security. If a single  hacker can cause leaks at such high level, then a group of hackers can bring down the UK cyberspace in no time.