England tourism website,visitengland.com hacked by hacker leaking 13,000 username and passwords

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The hacker named #GameOver started a major cyber war against the UK websites. The hacker hacked into HM revenue and customs, a tax collection website and leaked the personal and business information of 5704 accountant individuals.The hacker claimed to have hacked into visitengland website and leaked the username and password of 13,000 website users.

The leaked data has the user information like user,hashed password,ID and an email address .The leaked data is available online. The claim  of the database  could not be verified .


screenshot taken AT 3:50 pm EST

The visitengland website is  showing server error message. Such message is common if something goes wrong internally with the server . This does point to more possible conclusion that hacker hacked into the database server of the website and misconfigured the server.

Whether the website administrators are aware of the leak is yet unknown.At the time of writing,the website was down and there was no word from the website owners about the cause of the problem that took down the server.