Anonymous hacked Chile Health Ministry website,attacking Chile on 22nd April

Anonymous Chile has claimed to have  hacked into  the Health Ministry website of Chile .They have leaked the website data on the internet. The attack was against the govt action on the environmental issues. The leaked data include the login information of the system administrator. They also posted the website shell address to download the data.The claims seem to be true as the hacked websites are down. Many govt websites from South America were hacked during OpF**kGobierno by the hacktivists and tons of data was leaked online.

Anonymous declared an attack on Chile 

Anonymous has declared an  attack on Chile on 22nd April.The group is angry on the govt because of their discomfort against the hydroelectric project, Alto Mapio and the environmental impact to the flora and fauna around the project.

Anonymous in the posted video said

Anonymous Chile Ibero Anonymous and Operation Green Rights have united for one cause: to defend what the government should protect and not sell for dollars, nature.Chile’s wealth should be for his people,and the govt has ignored the repeated appeals of citizens to discuss and to curb the madness that has been allowing in environmental matters.

They also demanded the resignation of Energy Scretary, Sergio del Campo Fayet

Source Latercera