Xbox to offer 400 points to Live members for a million hours of playtime


Xbox is the best selling console in North America and Europe. Despite facing tough competition from Playstation and Will it was able to keep its top position. But the story is sad elsewhere for XBOX, it was not able to get more Japanese gamers on the console. So they have tried to revive XBOX in Japan and is following the old time tested formula of rewarding free reward points to gamers.

Microsoft on 20th April will launch a free reward collection program for Japanese gamers. The gamer collectively needs to spend 300,000 hours on XBOX 360 to get rewarded 100 points for live and 10 points for free members. If the gamers spend 500,000 hours playing XBOX games then Microsoft will reward Live members with 200 points and 20 points for free members.

Now comes the pun (no typo) part.The gamers need to play one of the  20 selected games by XBOX and has to sign up for the program.

If Japan plays for 1 million hours before 19th June, then the reward will be 400 points for Live 30 points for free members.With the launch of new XBOX is near, it is the right move by Microsoft to increase the acceptance among the gamers away from home turf where they lag .

The list of games XBOX has offered for the reward points

  1. Battlefield 3
  2. Forza Motorsport 4
  3. Forza Horizon
  4. Halo 4
  5. Dance Central 2
  6. Skyrim
  7. Gears of War Judgment
  8. Crysis 3
  9. Far Cry 3
  10. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  11. Bioshock Infinite
  12. Borderlands 2
  13. Tomb Raider
  14. Resident Evil: Revelations
  15. Resident Evil 6
  16. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
  17. Caladrius
  18. Dodonpachi: Saidaioujou
  19. Child of Eden
  20. Monster Hunter Frontier G or Monster Hunter Frontier

Will the Japanese help XBOX in getting the top position?. That can only be answered after the launch of  the new XBOX console. Or will it be answered before 19th July? It depends upon Japan. Isn’t it?

Source The Verge, Siliconera