Boston Marathon Bomber identified by Anonymous,details revealed

Anonymous has posted the details of the person responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing .This was done after the investigators asked the public to help them to identify  the people  behind the bombing.

As per Anonymous , the bomber full name is Dtsarnaev Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. They also posted the phone and email address of the bomber. How they identified the person is yet unknown.

The details of the Bomber are:-

  1. User name:      Dtsarnaev
  2. First name:     Dzhokhar
  3. Last name:      Tsarnaev
  4. Other name:
  5. Name suffix:
  6. Name prefix:
  7. E-mail:
  8. UserType:
  9. Authentication source:  UMDartmouth LDAP
  10. Password:       **********
  11. Access:         Granted
  12. Data source:    WebCT
  13. sourcedid.source:       UMass Dartmouth
  14.   UMD_01246996
  15. DOB:    1993-07-22
  16. PHONE:  857/247-5112

The information was posted online by Anonymous on Pastebin.