#OpKorruptos began,Govt websites taken down by hackers

Hackers from Argentina hacked into many websites to protest against the Govt policies to reform the Judicial system under OpF**KGobrieno. The protest by the hackers and the public couldn’t stop the Govt from passing the bill. So the hackers started the #OpKorruptos to protest against the corrupt practices of the Govt. Argentinian hackers hacked into 165 govt websites. The hacked websites were still down at the time of writing.The list of websites were posted online on Pastebin. defence website taken down Other hackers named Bug_Mind and r_rk3 took down the defense website but the website went live within a few hours. The twitter image does show that the website was down due to an attack. The Anticorruption and the San Jorge municipal website was also taken down. But the San Jose municipal website went live after some time. xss   The Bomberos De Argentina was defaced using cross site scripting by hackers .The Presidents website was also taken down and is still down. Quiet odd, Quitese the websites of defense and the San Jose municipal website was restored in short time.

A war has been waged against the Govt by the hackers under OpKorruptos.The websites went down like dominos shows the weak cyber security .What will Govt do, is next to be seen.Will they counter attack the hackers or will listen to the hackers and the public.

An Argentinian tweeted that they want ArgentininaArgentinian seeing a new social revolution in Argentina, the answer depends upon  the next move by the Govt.The next move may keep or break the gift like in the Middle East.