Twitter music officially went live,iPhone app released


The days of speculations and rumors went silent after the twitter music site went live.Twitter uses Spotify,Rdio and iTunes for the songs.You can login using your Spotify or Rdio account.The website shows a Popular menu and shows 5  options on hovering over it.It includes Popular, Emerging, Suggested,Now Playing and me.

As the name suggests, the Popular and Emerging options show the popular and emerging songs .Suggested shows the songs suggested by the twitter depending upon the artists you follow . Now Playing gets the songs from the people  you follow.While me shows the songs from the artists you follow. The app was also released for iPhone and is already became a hit among the music lovers.

Twitter posted

Right now, the service is available in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and  will be launching the service to Android as well as to more countries.

Sharing music has been always a fun among friends. The new service does the same with more options.It’s a platform which can take  the fans one step closer to the artist they love. And artists would get a chance to connect  with fans with a click of a button to share their thoughts on the topic everyone loves,Music. What you think?.Do comment.

Source Twitter