Twitter to end support for Internet explorer 6 and 7silently exit

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Twitter has decided to the end the support for its website for Internet explorer 6 and 7 by 13th May.

Twitter was launched keeping Internet Explorer 6 was base line but the number dwindled for the old browser and users upgraded to modern browsers.So twitter decided to end the support for internet explorer 6 and 7.This will also help twitter to explore and use  the browser technology to write  simpler, faster, smaller code.

What will change 

  • The tweet button from old browser will silently exit and the timelines and the tweets will stop working. The widgets will not be supported in the IE6.
  • IE7 will render the widgets but will be under the limited support and the future updates won’t be implemented.

Twitter also posted

The embed codes in your pages will continue to provide functionality to all users. “Tweet” links will share your page, “Follow” links point to users’ profiles, embeddable timeline codes link old browsers to the equivalent timeline on the Twitter website.

The twitter will continue to work on older browsers IE6 and 7 but with the above mentioned changes. But to get the best user experience,upgrading to new browser is always recommended.

Source Twitter