Yahoo to shut down upcoming,messenger,sms alerts,kids and deals by 30th April

Yahoo logoYahoo has announced the shutting down of many services by 30th April. These services include Upcoming,Yahoo Deals, Yahoo sms alert, Yahoo Messenger Java app and Yahoo Kids.

Yahoo will continue the online version of Yahoo messenger. But other services will become inaccessible after 30th April.

Personal take

Yahoo has not done well lately with many of its online services. Those services did once was the part of the every online user catalogue and was way ahead of the other available services .The launch of competitive services started the demise of the most of the Yahoo services.

So,Yahoo had  to shut down the services which was the only viable option .This is in line with the Google way of shutting down the non performing products.Thus, it can focus more on the current products.

Yahoo has shown that they still have the spark with the launch of  Weather app for various platforms which received rave reviews after the launch.

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