Fake android antivirus lurks in through ads discovered

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The problem for Android doesn’t seem to end soon. Google has always said that their application screening is strong and is still firm,even  after the revelation of  TrendMicro that 1 out 0f 10 apps in Google Store are malware. But the newly discovered malware app may put Google to rethink on the security of the apps screening and also the security of ads delivery system on mobiles.

A new trojan has been detected which shows advertisements  on the screen and then displays the message to scan the mobile for the viruses. Once the user accepts to scan the mobile,the user is lured to download a fake antivirus.

Dubbed as Android.FakeAlert, uses the ads displayed by Android application and exploits it to spread the malware.The trojan includes the fake antivirus app and pretends to detect the threats.The trojan displays the message to scan the mobile with a newly installed anti virus.The installed anti virus gives the notification about the infection getting detected but asks the user to purchase the full version of the anti-virus.

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Similar tactics were successfully practiced on the PC  but  new on Android and seeing the current trend  was anticipated for some time.

What to do ?

Install a genuine anti virus from and keep it updated. And never click on ads which ask you to scan or luring you with  some easy money.Also, install an ad blocker to get rid of the ads.

Source DrWeb