Nintendo 3DS offering 1 free game on registering 3 games


Nintendo has announced a new game promotion and will be offering 1 free  game for registering 3 games of Nintendo DS.

The company will be offering the free games if a user purchase the 3 games from the top 8 games listed for  NintendoDS.The user can claim for the game after registering itself for the Club Nintendo account.Thus,making it eligible to choose the 4th game from the list and download it from Nintendo eShop.

The promotion is starting from 23rd April ,15:00 CEST will be applicable on the 8 gaming titles listed for the promotion and is valid till 30th June 23:59,

The games for the promotion are :-

How to claim

Purchase any 3 games from eShop on NintendoDS and Nintendo 3DS and register the games from the above list before 30 June 2013 by 23:59 .Thus,making it eligible for the 4th game.

The promotion is available for the users from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland or Russia

Source Nintendo