#OpAltoMaipo launched by AnonOps Chile,websites hacked and defaced

#OpAltoMaipo was launched as was declared by Anonops after hacking into the Chile Ministry website.

The operation was started to protest the Govt discomfort against the hydroelectric project, AltoMapio and its environmental effects on the surrounding flora and fauna.

Web sites hacked


The operation began by attacking http://www.aesgener.cl/ using Webhive. They also hacked and defaced the radio website  radiosancristobal.cl.

The Anonops hacked into a website, pdi.cl and leaked the database online. The leaked data shows the detailed information about the OS and server company uses. The leak also shows the user details like username, password, first name, last and passwords in plain text and in encrypted form. The leaked data were posted on PasteBin.

The hacktivists also tweeted about hacking http://www.mensaje.cl/ but the website was working at the time of writing.

Carbineros de chile was also hacked by the hacker group 0wn3d Team. They  leaked the data of the website on Pastebin which shows the databases and the system administrator table but doesn’t list the password and is not detailed like that of pdi.