Financial Crimes topped the Cyber Crimes in 2012


The year 2012 was the hottest year for cyber hactivism and cyber war.It was the year, when Anonymous launched various operations against the countries supporting censorship and violating human rights. Security experts linked the security breach in the US companies to China. But that was tamed by the financial crimes which took the pie and some big money from some big companies.

Well the history is full of such money love incidents that took lives and what not.So if the same motivation breached the hole in the security of the company then it shouldn’t surprise many.

As per the annual  report of Verizon, financial motivations were the reason behind the 75% of the computer security incidents. While State sponsored attacks found to be 20%. This is the result of studying 621 security breaches and 47,000 reported security incidents from 27 countries carried out by Verizon.

Companies who got hit

The financial companies took the biggest hit from the cyber criminals and topped by 37% as they hold big money followed by retailers(24%),manufacturing, transportation and utilities(20%).

Who is the culprit?

Outside entities topped the attacks on the companies while only 14% were done by the insiders and 1% by business partners.The user devices were targeted in 71% of the breaches and servers were targeted 54% to breach the security.Two thirds of the breach reported took 1 month or more to discover.

So now you know how the companies lose money.So if you come to know a security breach in any company, then you know whom to blame.


Source AllThingsD