[Update] Hackers claimed to hack 40,000 Facebook users accounts,claim was false

The hacker group has claimed to do the biggest impossible hack till date. The hackers claim to have  hacked the Facebook accounts and  posted the details of the hacked accounts, online.

Named as Mauritania attacker, the hacker group has claimed to have hacked 40,000 Facebook user accounts. This is seen as an attack under #OpUSA. Anonymous has declared to attack US on 7th May under #OpUSA which is similar to other operations carried out by the group in Israel, Qatar, etc. The hackers have posted the list of the hacked accounts on Anonpaste.

Checking the claim:-

The posted data does show the user’s email address , phone no and password in encrypted form. The search term ‘2012’ shows 8,500+ entries while  2013 shows 1000+ entries but 2010 and 2011 shows very few entries .It indicates that most accounts were created or were last accessed in the year 2012.

The hotmail search brings 7450 entries, Comcast –942 , yahoo -801, gmail -746 , live- 586, Facebook- 16, and MSN brings 14 entries. The email search terms used are the most used email services in the US and elsewhere. Still, if we add 1,000 users who use email services of some local ISP, the number doesn’t pass the 12,000 mark.


The listed accounts were hacked by the hackers.But is the leaked data of the Facebook users?.I doubt that but still , it’s just a doubt.The claim made by hackers are overstated just to create a frenzy environment.

PS : – Unless, I am missing any other leaked post with the rest of the accounts, the claims of the numbers is  false and I don’t have any doubt about that.

Anonpaste Link Source:Digitalintifada


The database leaked is of an  Argentinian website and not of Facebook as claimed by the hackers. So my doubt was positive and thanks wvubetasoldier for reminding me the same. He has also posted the link of the website   whose database was leaked.A link to worth check out for.




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