Pizza Hut app comes to XBOX 360,lets users order pizza from console


Now you can order pizzas from XBOX , thanks to Pizza Hut who has released a Pizza Hut app for Xbox 360.You can customize your pizza with the toppings and the sauce of your choice .By using the Kinect controller,voice commands or controller,you can order the pizza from the local pizza hut outlet. You can link also the Pizza Hut and XBOX account and save the order setting for future purchases.

With Facebook integration,you can share your customized Pizza pics with your friends on Facebook. The app provides the entire menu so you can order from pizza to wings without moving away from Xbox ,so no searching for mobile in the pile of clothes ,on the bed or under the bed.

Launched with the partnership between XBOX and Pizza Hut , the app will be available from 23rd April and will offer 15% discount on the first pizza ordered from the app before 6th May.

Source Polygon