Apple App Store hits 45 billion total downloads and iCloud has 300 million users

tim cook

The Apple earnings call is always the most awaited event by many because the event puts something to cherish for Apple users and a lot of stuff  to write for the media. The same happened this time but the event was different because it was the first time for Tim Cook  to announce the results past Steve Jobs. And he managed it disappointing many journalists and also a glimpse of the App Store and iCloud status.

Tim Cooks said that App store has hit the 45 billion total downloads and iCloud ,which was experiencing some problem working during the day has added 300 million users since the launch of the service.

1 billion dollars is the amount , Apple is giving to developers every quarter and also said that iCloud has added 50 million users than claimed in the last quarter.So now you know why Apple is steady after Steve Job.

Source Engadget