Mailbox other than emails,exposes email contacts and attachments

mail box

The Mailbox is considered the best is  an app for handling email. But the Mailapp gives something more than what the user asks for. App Developer Subhanshu Behera explains the same about the Mailbox,

I love iOS apps and developers. And it’s the apps that I love motivates me to write better codes. However, Mailbox is an exception. I like the UX of this application but I dislike its data protection approach more. As a matter of fact, there’s no data protection at all.

 He checked the mail handling app using IExplorer, a tool to transfer the music,movies and playlists from any iDevices to computers and iTunes.And the app gave more information that he could have expected of ,
it gives you more, it gives you access to an application’s Document and Library directories on your devices. These are the usual places, where iOS developers store their database, plist files or other resource files and can be extracted to a system if device is stolen
He also found that the attachments extracted from the Mailbox were unencrypted and unprotected. He also pointed about increasing the security of the app,
It’s all about adding few extra lines of codes to their iOS app to increase the security level. iOS SDK gives a developer a list data protection APIs
The app does need to be physically available to extract the data. iPhones can be used anytime to extract the data as the lock screen provides less security.  So, if you are using the Mailbox for storing some important and confidential emails, then switching to more secure app is a better option till the Mailbox developer updates the app with  better security.