Microsoft signs patent agreement with ZTE

microsoftWho could have thought that Microsoft may gain some profit from Androidit’s rival mobile OS. Well, but that’s a reality and the Patent agreements is giving some big royalty from Android . Started by signing up with Chinese manufacturer, Foxconn which had agreed to pay royalties on every android device it will manufacture. A similar agreement was signed with the Chinese mobile manufacturer , ZTE, making it the 2nd company in China to pay royalty to Microsoft.

“The ZTE and Foxconn agreements show once more that technology companies around the world, including some of the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturers anchored in China, recognize licensing is an effective way to share technology and build on each other’s work,”

Horacio Gutierrez, deputy general counsel at Microsoft, said in a blog post.Thus ZTE has become the part of the list which include Samsung,HTC,Foxconn and LG who has signed an agreement with the Microsoft.

This has made Microsoft to be indirectly reaching to 80% US mobile consumers and around the world using Android covered under the agreements.

Source TheRegister